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Mount Your Trophy on the Wall in Jacksonville, Texas

Taxidermy services keep the hunting memories alive forever!

It was a crisp, foggy morning as you knelt in the bushes. You patiently waited to pull the trigger on this hunting trip, and the wait was worth it. You’re finally eye to eye with a breathtaking buck. As you send an arrow flying into its flank you realize you’re never parting ways with such a beauty. Once you bring your kill back home, Outdoor Connections can provide affordable taxidermy services in Jacksonville, TX.

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Our specialists want to help you honor the hunt, so call us at 903-586-1204 for more information on our pricing.

See your hunt through to completion in Jacksonville

You’ll never feel the need to pelt us with complaints – our taxidermy services are just that good. We proudly preserve:

  • Deer
  • Coyotes
  • Birds
  • Antelope


Don’t miss out on the chance to feature your prize in your Jacksonville home. Outdoor Connections opens its taxidermy shop the moment hunting season starts. We’ll see you – and your game – soon.

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